In compliance with NFPA80, Santa Barbara Overhead Door’s Fire Door Drop Test Program includes the inspection and testing of fire doors annually. The purpose, above all is to demonstrate proper operation, full closure, and proper reset. Drop test, reset, repairs and/or maintenance are performed by a Certified Door System Technician. Santa Barbara Overhead Door educates you on the type of fire door, the manufacturer’s instructions and the requirements of the National Fire Protection Agency.

In fact, fire doors play a key role in building safety and are often used in manufacturing warehouses.  It’s important to realize properly operating fire doors help protect property and save lives. Rolling fire rated doors stop the spread of both flames and smoke. At any rate, while fire doors are not considered fireproof, they will slow the fire for a period of time, providing additional time for everyone to exit the facility.   Fire counter shutters can be found in restaurants, cafeterias and outdoor kitchens.

Fire Door Drop Test service includes :

  • A visual and operational test of your facility’s rolling and sliding fire doors and counter shutters.
  • Additionally, a written fire door inspection and commercial fire door drop test report, as well as recommendations for any needed repairs to ensure successful fire door function.
  • Accordingly, repair and/or replacement of fire doors and associated equipment as needed.
  • In Summary, each unit is identified with a Fire Door certification sticker stating the date that door was inspected, tested, and certified pass or fail.
  • To conclude, proper Documentation is provided for compliance.