How do you frame a garage door?

How do you frame a garage door? What are the side requirements for a new garage door? Is there really a law about battery backup?

Many Contractors and Customers have these exact same questions, and more.

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  • Electrical needs for Operators PRIOR to drywall – It’s not just 110 power , but low voltage wiring for accessories as well.
  • Properly frame a garage door – to avoid overlapping into the panel design, give us plenty of room for the spring assembly, minimize the air gaps  with proper sizing, and make sure there is sufficient studs in the right place to hang the tracks.
  • Standard Opening sizes – Most companies will give you up to 2″ over the foot for the same price, but if you’re off by 3″ , you could be looking at a increase in cost, especially with more than one opening.
  • NEW California operator laws, safety devices & access control – Yes Battery Back up is Required in California on all new garage door installations. Learn more about the new California garage door opener law and the new technology and accessories available.

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If for some reason you can’t make it , no worries because  we know you are busy! Although some things are standard, many details may be lost or left out if it’s not your specialty. So just call our office, or stop by the showroom anytime and we’ll make sure you get the information you need, From garage door specifications to framing details and Scope of Work, Electrical requirements and More. We’ve got what you’re looking for!