The City of Goleta is pristinely located right next to the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountain chain. Goleta, California is only 300 miles south of San Francisco and a mere 90 miles north of Los Angeles. With a climate that is mild and sunny year-round, and an average daily temperature that only goes as high as 72° on the hottest days, Goleta is a beautiful vacation attraction for the entire family to enjoy.

Strength of Goleta’s Economical Muscle Agriculture

The local economy for Goleta, California is emerged in both retail establishments and vacation-type opportunities. The strength of Goleta’s economical muscles can be found in agriculture as well as natural guide servicing. All of Santa Barbara California’s towns are well-known for their sensational outdoor enthusiast opportunities and Goleta, California leads the list in that category. When an area is blessed with such stunning natural beauty as Goleta, California, instantly an industry is created and mandatory so that when the droves of tourists come to play in this natural wonderland, they have efficient and educated and experienced guides in which to complete that activity. Subsequently, those vacationers need a place to rest, sleep and eat and also be entertained when they’re not out hiking the trails of the mountain scopes or swimming in the cooling soothing waters of the Pacific Ocean. Goleta, California has taken this to the extreme and is seen as one of the most spectacular family vacation destinations in all Southern California.

Goleta Beach County Park

In order to really get to know Santa Barbara California counties one needs to just visit Goleta, California. By accessing Goleta Beach County Park, which is an expansive display of white sand, rolling surf and towering palm trees, the visitor will be entrenched and drenched in both marvelous colors and bright and shiny people. Goleta, California has so much to offer both residents and visitors that it is difficult to speak about only a few of the activities. Many residents utilize the nearby beautiful beaches for both break time from a busy work schedule or just to have the family on the weekend excursion. The town has a rich history that started off way back when in the Chumash Indian tribe and Spanish explorers and Mexican ranchers. Goleta is Spanish for ‘schooner’ which is in reference to the small ships that frequented Goleta Slough all throughout the 15th and 16th centuries.

Impressive Natural Resources

The outlook for families or individuals wishing to relocate to Goleta, California is great indeed. With a median income that approaches $55,000 a year, and affordable housing and plenty of that, it makes perfect sense to select Goleta, California as that next great thing to do in your life. With the Pacific Ocean at hand and the marvelously created Butte’s that are positioned all around like Sentry’s in the sky, Goleta, California has something for everyone. With a fertile soil that was appreciated and cultivated by the Chumash Indian tribes, today is now  home to plots of avocados, lemons, limes, and the occasional very eclectic native ‘California’ Avocado.

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