Safety first – COVID-19

Garage door, opener and gate safety is our priority. Always has been , always will be.

Our associates at DASMA (Door and Access Systems Manufacturing Association) write:

“Every day, gates and doors, such as garage doors, high performance doors, rolling doors, and similar doors, along with operators that automate such doors and gates, provide essential access and egress to our nation’s buildings and facilities. Manufacture and service of these doors and access systems is even more critical now as the nation deals with the COVID-19 crisis.

Access and egress to homes, medical facilities, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, research and development facilities, police and fire departments, etc. is essential, and such access and egress can only be maintained through the work of dedicated, professional technicians. Our industry is helping maintain secure and safe access for the public, which allows individuals to seek medical care, to provide medical care, and to address the crisis in countless ways.”

It is for the safety of all, that we have implemented the following protocols:

  • Employees exhibiting sickness are encouraged to stay home from work and temperatures are being monitored each morning to enforce this requirement.
  • Our entire team has been full trained on the Personal Hygiene Protocols established by the CDC (including proper hand-washing, coughing/sneezing etiquette)
  • Our trucks are equipped with mobile hand washing equipment for in between service calls in order to flatten the curve.
  • We are going to maintain a zero physical contact (not even an elbow bump) policy to our customers and maintain the 6 foot recommendation whenever possible.
  • We’re sanitizing the common areas (Front door, counter, computers/phones/ keyboards, etc)
  • Reduced access to our Warehouse and restrooms by the public.
  • Several of our staff are working from home and we have eliminated any unnecessary travel

We’re also in strict compliance with the protocols established by our Commercial Clients. Because it is our pleasure to serve you, when not conducting our essential jobs we are strongly held to the same standards in our day to day life to ensure the safety of everyone in our community!

If you have any questions, regarding our Safety Protocol, please feel free to contact our Production Officer [email protected]