Santa Barbara is so much a rare but proper location they made a hit television drama out of it! Santa Barbara sometimes is referred to as the American version of the French Riviera. This is because there are beautiful beaches, colorful culture, and some of the most magical mountains these sides of the Mississippi River. Santa Barbara is also considered a premier resort destination where thousands of tourists flock each and every year to soak up the sun and fun and re-energize their entire life and lifestyle. From great hiking and camping all the way to lazy days on the beach and one of the best nightlife’s this side of the Mississippi River, Santa Barbara has it all.

Economy is Most Varied in So-Cal

The economy is bustling and brimming with opportunity and promise as Santa Barbara is host to a myriad of diverse businesses and most of these are small mom-and-pop chains. That may be surprising that the city south of San Francisco would be thought of as containing giant fortune 500 companies only. This is just not the case with Santa Barbara and a family day trip would solve the question and answer most questions at that! From the mom and pop business to the strong retail presence that is virtually all Santa Barbara, the business exposure that exists in this wonderful town is not to be taken lightly. With new growth a top priority as in most other regions of California and the United States for that matter, Santa Barbara has taken notice of this and is put in every tax dollar and available funds to good use. The city is busy currently revamping the interior structure that has not been touched since the days of Kennedy! The charm of an older well used community presence is good for tourism but there comes a time when things need to replace for both safety and to draw in more tourist dollars. Santa Barbara knows how to take care of that situation and has initiated replacement of many stores and shops along this famous California coastal community.

Surfs Up in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is one of the most visited by surfers in all of California and the size of the waves and the seemingly never-ending beaches are one of those very two very good reasons. If surfing and fishing is not a one’s bag then there’s always relaxing in downtown Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is right on the border of the Napa Valley wine country and this makes for great wine! The Solvang Danish experience is only a few miles away from Santa Barbara and one look will make one consider about taking a longer flight over to Denmark! Santa Barbara is one of the most exciting cities in all of Santa Barbara County and is a sight for sore eyes for those that are overworked and definitely stressed out. Relieve stress with a trip to Santa Barbara California, a vacation of a lifetime waits.

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