Gate Repair, Service & Maintenance

At Santa Barbara Overhead Door, we offer residential and commercial entry gate repair and gate service maintenance, including 24 hour availability for emergency automatic gate operator repair and on-the-spot entrance and  security gate service and maintenance. Our gate repair technicians are trained and certified to service all types of entrance gates, security gatesautomatic gate openers, access control systemsgarage doorsgarage door openers and commercial doors. We carry a complete line of parts for most major brands of gates, automatic gate openersgarage doors, garage door openers and commercial garage doors and we will fix your security gate, or repair your garage door spring, or automatic gate opener completely and quickly – that’s our promise.

Even the strongest and highest quality entrance gate or security gate requires regular recommended gate service maintenance to ensure a full life of optimal performance. At Santa Barbara Overhead Door, we recommend servicing your gate every 12 months. This automatic gate service maintenance will prevent major problems from occurring in the future and will also help assure your manufacturer warranties remain valid. Our staff of qualified gate repair technicians has been serving Ventura County and Santa Barbara County since 1992.

Checklist for Gate Service

In addition to having yearly gate service done by a gate and automatic gate operator repair technician, there are a number of things you can do yourself that will help prolong the life of your security gate and automatic gate operator and keep it in good working order.  Our gate repair and gate service calls include:

  • Visual Inspection of rollers, fasteners, brackets and other gate hardware for proper alignment, tightness and signs of damage, breakage, looseness, rust or wear.
  • Manufacturing Date of Operation check is made to determine if the gate meets adequate safety provisions.
  • Gate Fall Over and Roller Guarding is checked to determine if there is a means to prevent the gate from falling over in the vent of a failure of the gates rollers or a hinge.
  • Electric Operation use check is made to determine if there are any irregularity’s in operation such as uneven speed, excessive sway or unusual stopping.
  • Edge Sensors and/or Photoelectric Eyes are inspected and wire is check for any cracks, breaks, holes, crimps or other physical damage. Mounting locations(s) with respect to reducing the risk of entrapment protection in both directions of gate travel.
  • Contact Revers Test is made for vertical frame and vertical edge sensors to ensure that the gate stops and reverses if an object is encountered when the gate is closing.
  • Non Contact Reverse Test is made to ensure that the gate stops if an object passes through the gate entry as the gate is closing.
  • Safety Warning Signs are checked to ensure that they are installed on each side of the gate in highly visible locations.
  • Openings in the gate and fence are checked to ensure that they measure the maximum size opening in the gate and that portion of a fence the gate covers when fully opened.
  • Manual Release is checked to ensure the gate operator has a method to allow the gate to be manually operated.
  • Manual Operation is checked to ensure that the gate operates smoothly if it is disconnected from the automatic gate operator.
  • Barbed Wire/Barbed Tape & Protrusions are checked if used to ensure the height of the barbed wire and any protrusions of the leading, trailing and bottom edges of the gate.
  • Pedestrian Gate is checked to verify that the required pedestrian gate is functional, located nearby and does not cause additional hazards.

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Call us at 877.656.DOOR, contact our staff of friendly, well-trained consultants or stop by our showroom at 511 E Gutierrez Street in Santa Barbara to discuss your needs and to learn more about your options. We’ve been serving the Ventura County and Santa Barbara County area including Buellton, Carpinteria, Goleta, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Solvang San since 1992 and have helped countless homeowners and commercial property owners just like you choose the right garage door, garage door opener, residential entrance gate, security gate or commercial overhead door to fit your needs.